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Arranging The Survey


Jim pritchard is pleased to accept a verbal instruction to carry out a survey, and does not require a written contract. He will confirm the cost of the survey in advance by email and asks for acceptance by his client by email. His terms of payment for most surveys, is payment by cheque or bank transfer within 10 days of receiving the report.

Yacht Broker Sale

When the purchase of a yacht is made through a Yacht Broker, the survey may be carried out usually only after a purchase agreement has been signed by the Purchaser and a deposit paid with the broker.


Jim Pritchard will arrange a mutually convenient date for the survey with the boatyard, which may need to lift the vessel. Arrangements to lift the vessel will be made by Jim Pritchard through the Broker, and at the cost of the Purchaser.


Jim Pritchard will request full service and repair records of the vessel from the Broker, who will also provide the keys for access. He will arrange for all equipment to be on board and the batteries to be in a charged condition.


The Broker will normally accompany Jim Pritchard on sea trials, if they are to take place, and will have command of the vessel and responsibility for insurance of the vessel. Purchasers are welcome to attend sea trials. Jim Pritchard will expect to take the controls of the vessel during part of the sea trials.

Private Sale

A purchase that does not pass through a Yacht Broker, should be protected by using a sales agreement. The Purchaser should also be satisfied with regard to past ownership of the vessel, and that there is credible documentation with regard to the VAT status of the vessel.


For a vessel originating from outside the European Community, as well as European vessels built since 16th June 1998, he must also ensure that it holds a certificate, that has been issued by a Notified Body with regard to the Recreational Craft Directive. If this sounds too much of a headache, then the Purchaser would do well to employ a Yacht Broker on a flat fee, to manage the transaction and handle the paperwork.


On receiving instructions to carry out the survey, Jim Pritchard will make contact with the Owner to arrange access to the vessel including all locker and engine keys, and he will also arrange a boatyard to lift the vessel if it is currently afloat, and at the Purchaser’s expense. He will also request the Owner to ensure all the equipment is on board, the batteries are charged, and the service and repair records are available.

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