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Damage Survey 


A survey may be carried out to assess the extent of damage sustained in all respects to a vessel after an incident. The incident could be a collision, grounding, flooding, fire etc. Quite often damage can be more widespread than first imagined. For instance a heavy grounding might also cause stress fractures in a mast, or a collision could cause widespread saturation of a balsa cored hull topside laminate.


It is most important that all defects are discovered before reaching a settlement with a third party or insurance company. When there is major damage it is advisable for the owner to engage a surveyor, even though the insurance company may appoint their own surveyor.


The report will include recommendations for method of repair or write-off, and the work may be monitored to ensure its satisfactory completion. There will also be a further report following completion of the remedial work, which should be kept with the vessel’s papers for future possible reference.

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