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Jim Pritchard has a good engineering degree,  and is a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects. He is also a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying and is an affiliate member of the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association where he was co-opted as a committee member in 2021. He is authorised by the IIMS Certifying Authority to undertake examinations in connection with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Code of Practice for Small Commercial Vessels.

Professional Indemnity

Jim Pritchard carries professional indemnity insurance cover to the maximum single claim value of £2,000,000. Jim Pritchard has never claimed on his professional indemnity insurance policy.


With many years experience representing the interests of both purchaser and vendor, the problems which may arise in the process of purchasing a vessel are fully understood. Jim Pritchard Associates are well placed to bring this process to a successful conclusion.


Within his own boatbuilding company, Jim Pritchard built one-off ocean racing and cruising yachts in timber, G.R.P., steel and aluminium. He also built a wide range of commercial craft, employing a workforce of up to 50 tradesmen.  Customers have included the Royal Navy, London River Police, Customs and Excise, Royal Marines and RNLI, as well as many similar home and overseas authorities and commercial operators.

Expert Witness

Jim Pritchard frequently represents the interests of yacht owners, with expert advice supporting legal action. He works closely with associated lawyers who understand the marine legal environment and law.


Jim has been building and repairing boats since 1975 and surveying since 1992. By 2021 Jim Pritchard Associates had completed over 7500 surveys, which included nearly every type of sail and power boat - from the smallest coastal dayboat to composite ocean racing yachts and classic superyachts of up to 150ft in length.

Yacht Servicing & Repair

While building this wide range of yachts and boats, Jim Pritchard has also undertaken the repair, planned maintenance and refit of similar vessels. This has required a detailed understanding of all established boatbuilding materials and practices, and has enabled him to gain a wide experience of the repair and servicing of installed equipment.

Refit & Building Projects

As well as servicing local club yachts, he has undertaken extensive refits on large timber, GRP  and steel charter and private yachts, an example being a steel 1967 Bennetti of 190 tons, which has been fully refitted in Malta and Cowes to bring her to modern superyacht condition. He has also represented owner’s interests by overseeing large and high value building projects.


Jim Pritchard studied and applied structural engineering, before entering the marine industry. Having built many composite sailing and power craft, including multihulls, he is experienced with such structures and is familiar with the forces and stresses to which they are subjected.


With a detailed knowledge and experience of G.R.P. and other composite structures, he has produced a large volume of fibreglass boat mouldings ranging up to 80ft length, with many to Lloyds Certification. Jim Pritchard also works with associated specialists who analyse and design marine craft structures.


Jim Pritchard speaks French and can resurect his German when required. He is also currently learning Spanish.


Jim Pritchard has been racing and cruising yachts and dinghies for most of his life and holds a Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate. He has owned a number of yachts and other marine craft including  a 34ft timber ocean cruising yacht which he built in 1981 and which has completed 4 Atlantic crossings. His other sporting interests include cross-country gliding and he remains a keen skier having worked many years ago on the Canadian Ski Patrol. Since 2011, he has completed 2 marathons and several half marathons. In 2021 he completed his 250th trail run with his local Hash House Harriers.

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